Bill's Photographs of Terrestrial orchids O

The current suggestion, based on DNA analysis, is that there are in fact only nine or ten species of Ophrys and all the other "species" are sub-species, hybrids, forms or varieties.

The species may be O insectifera, speculum, tenthredinifera, bombyliflora, fusca, apifera, umbilicata, sphegodes, fuciflora and scolopax. We await further developments with interest, but we are not holding while we wait for them to tell us what to call each "species"!

photo      photo photo   photo photo

Ophrys aesculapii      Ophrys apifera (normal form)      Ophrys apifera abnormal (forms)            


photo     photo     photo    photo photo   

O. apifera var. bicolor      O. a. var. chlorantha   O. apifera var. flaviscens         O.apifera var. trollii                 


photo    photo    photo

Ophrys apifera x insectifera        Ophrys bombyliflora                Ophrys bornmeulleri             

Ophrys candica   Ophrys candica   Ophrys candica    

Ophrys candica 

photo photo    photo photo

Ophrys cornuta                                           Ophrys cretica

Ophrys dodekanensis     Ophrys dodekanensis

Ophrys dodekanensis


photo photo     photo    photo photo

Ophrys dyris                                 Ophrys elegans               Ophrys epirotica


photo photo     photo     photo     photo   

               Ophrys episcopalis                   Ophrys ferrum-equinum     Ophrys flavomarginata  Op. fleischmannii   


 photo   photo photo photo     photo photo

     Ophrys fuciflora                       Ophrys fusca                                       Ophrys gottfriedianum                


 photo photo     photo photo    

      Ophrys hebes                           Ophrys heldreichii


 photo photo     photo photo

               Ophrys helenae                                 Ophrys insectifera


photo photo     photo     photo     photo    

Op. insectifera (chlorotic form)  Op. iricolor     Op. karpathensis         Ophrys kotschii        


 photo photo     Ophrys lucis   Ophrys lucis    

                      Ophrys levantina                                Ophrys lucis                          

photo     photo     photo

Ophrys lutea            Ophrys mammosa     Ophrys omegaifera


photo photo  Ophrys regis-ferdinandii Ophrys regis-ferdinandii    photo photo

Ophrys picta                          Ophrys regis-ferdinandii                         Ophrys reinholdii 

Ophrys rhodia    Ophrys rhodia

Ophrys rhodia


photo photo photo photo     photo     photo

                                        Ophrys scolopax                                             Ophrys sicula      Ophrys sintenisii


 photo     photo     photo

   Ophrys speculum       Ophrys sphegodes        Ophrus spruneri    


 photo photo photo photo

Ophrys tenthredinifera


photo photo photo photo     photo photo

    Ophrys tetraloniae                                                     Ophrys umbilicata


 photo photo photo     photo photo photo

Ophrys vernixia                                       Orchis anatolica


photo photo     photo photo photo

Orchis (Aceras) anthropophorum                       Orchis canariensis                             


 photo photo      photo photo    photo photo

Orchis italica                       Orchis mascula                              Orchis militaris


photo    photo    photo    photo    photo photo photo

Orchis olbiensis   Or. pauciflora   Or. provincialis  Or. punctata                             Orchis purpurea     


photo photo photo photo

Orchis purpurea x simia


photo photo photo     photo photo

Orchis quadripunctata                                             Orchis signifera


 photo photo photo     photo    photo

                             Orchis italica                                  Orchis sitiaca            Orchis troodii